Schedule for 2016

As always, plans are subject to change...

February 9 -- Social. Due to the weather, the meeting is strictly casual, with no formal lesson planned.

March 8 -- Blocking. Learn the benefits of blocking, when to block and different ways to do it.

April 12 -- Tunisian Crochet. Combine the best of both worlds, crochet meets knitting. You will need a tunisian crochet hook and yarn of your choice. Download the free Tunisian pattern book at CrochetMe. You will need to enter your email address for access, but you don't have to enroll for emails. (This introductory course will provide the foundation for a fun lesson later in the year taught by Juliette Bezold...)

Pamper Yourself: Enjoy samples from Mary Kay representative, Jessi Hoffman, as you pamper your hands and lips... Luscious!

May 10 -- Spring Cleaning & New Stitch. You know what that means... Time for our annual Yarn Swap! Clean out your stash and bring your unwanted yarn and CASITA projects to find them a new home. (CASITA: CAn't Stand IT Anymore!) We will focus on learning a new (surprise) stitch.

June 14 -- Broomstick Lace 

July 12 -- Christmas in July. Time to pull out the holiday patterns and get started on those gifts for friends and loved ones. Bring your favorite gift-giving projects or use some of ours.

August 9 -- TBD 

September 13 -- Tunisian Cables. Juliette Bezold will share her published pattern as we learn how to make cables using Tunisian crochet.

October 11 -- TBD

November 8 -- TBD

December 13 -- Holiday Celebration (Need I say more? We know how to PARTY!)